what does frog pee looks like

Not all amphibians pee, but when we talk about frogs, this fact turns out to prove wrong. Frogs secrete an oily and milky liquid toxin which is nothing other than their pee.

However, unlike humans and other mammals, frogs normally do not pee in order to secrete waste. But, when picked by humans or even touched harshly, a frog will pee in Self-defense.

No matter how much you think you know about frogs, there will be some facts left that are still unknown.

For Example, there’s a lot of information spread amongst individuals about Frogs Pee.

While some think it is toxic, others are concerned about their sudden peeing behaviour.

So, to sort it all out, we have compiled a guide filled with a whole lot of interesting information. Make sure you go through it and get the most out of the concerned topic.

Do Frogs Pee? What does Frog’s Urine look like?

Do frogs pee urine? The simple answer is Yes, Frogs are one of those amphibians who can pee as well as poop. However, like several reptiles and aquatic animals, frogs can pee and poop separately.

They release a toxic liquid that passes through their Urinary bladder and finally secretes from their cloacal vent.

Similar to humans, frogs can also pee voluntarily multiple times a day.

If frogs’ kidneys are functioning rightfully, their urine will look light yellowish, similar to humans.

Why do frogs pee on you when you pick them up?

However, most of the time, frogs Urine has a slight toxic appearance. It is basically a milky liquid toxin that sometimes feels like oil (if touched) and appears dark yellow or orange.

Even though it is not poisonous, it can still prove toxic to both humans and animals like dogs, cats, etc.

Frog’s urine also has a bad odor and tastes even the worst (Scientifically claimed).

Is Frog Pee dangerous to humans?

If a Frog has peed on a human, it can prove dangerous. Even though Frog’s urine does not carry any poison, its bacteria are proven to cause infections.

When you hold a frog in your hand, at first, it will feel dry. Though suddenly, you will start feeling wet at your hand with no traces of liquid.

It is possible because the Frog you held has urinated on you. When picked by humans, frogs pee in self-defence.

What Does Frog Pee Looks Like? (With Pictures)
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Will Frog’s Urine Hurt You?

You can understand it even in a simpler way. You might have noticed that when scolded, afraid, or threatened, small kids tend to pee themselves.

It is because they are simply afraid and know nothing in order to defend themselves.

The same happens when you hold or try to threaten a frog, he/ she will immediately pee.

Frogs can consider humans as a potential threat, and when they sense there is no way for them to escape, the last thing they will do is pee.

While some amphibians secrete poisonous liquid via skin and mouth, the ones that cannot do that same will pee. They do so either to scare the predators or simply out of fear. 

Why Do Tree Frogs Urinate Frequently?

Frogs hold on to a significant amount of water in their bodies. Though they can store the liquid for the longest time, once they feel threatened, they release it while peeing.

The social, physical, and physiological conditions of frogs make them intake a lot of water.

Because they live inside or near a water resource all the time, their body absorbs a lot of it.

With water, their skin even penetrates a lot of sharp elements, foreign particles, and unwanted substances. Thus, to release them all, frogs urinate quite frequently.

Once a frog urinates, it again becomes light weighted and can jump more freely and frequently.

How often Do Tree Frogs Urinate?

Frogs frequently urinate, even on an everyday basis. However, because frogs are extremely sensitive to touches, they will pee every time you will try to hold them.

Compositions Of Frog Urine

What is frog pee made of? Frog’s urine is proven toxic with several types of bacteria in it. It contains several nitrogenous wastes and a high amount of Urea.

However, because frogs drink/ soak a lot of water through their skin, their urine dilutes with the result.

The composition of tree frog urine is the same as other amphibians. Their kidneys eliminate harmful toxins and foreign particles through urine.

They largely contain Urea and other nitrogenous waste products. Thus, rarely at times, it is toxic, whereas the rest of the time, it is hypotonic with lower osmotic pressure.

Is Tree Frog Pee Dangerous for Your Skin? 

Several myths and false information are going around that frogs’ pee can cause warts on human skin.

However, if researchers and scientists are to be believed, Frog’s pee or any other amphibian pee, for that matter, has nothing to do with warts. It is only human bacteria that can result in warts over the skin.

Can Tree Frog Pee Make You Blind?

However, that does not limit the possible fear of frog pee on human skin or other body parts.

If Frog’s pee is accidentally splashed or comes into contact with your eye, it can lead to inflammation and irritation.

Though it won’t make you go blind, the result can prove harmful and fatal if left unattended.

Thus, if it ever happens so, make sure you rinse your eye thoroughly with cold water.

If the irritation and inflammation persist, immediately contact an eye specialist.

Should You Touch Your Tree Frogs Often?

Is It Bad To Touch Or Handle Frogs? Even though your intentions are gentle, always be cautious while touching a frog. Make sure your hands are well cleaned or wash them first.

We say so because Frog’s skin is very delicate, and anything that touches it gets absorbed.

If your hands have chemicals, soap, oil, or any other solution, your skin will absorb it.

Further, it can prove harmful to their health; this keeps your hand clean before petting a frog or any amphibian.

Can touching a frog harm you?

Is Frog’s skin harmful for humans? Does frog’s skin secrete toxins?

Yes, Some frogs Frog’s skin contains Salmonella, which is proven to cause:

  • diarrhoea,
  • abdominal cramps,
  • chills,
  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • typhoid fever,
  • vomiting,
  • and other poisonings in the human body.

Salmonella is basically a parasite that can lead to chronic inflammation in humans.

Thus, whenever you pet or even accidentally touch a frog, it is important to wash your hands thereafter. Use a sanitizing soap solution for that and clean your hand nicely.

In cases when Salmonella is inhaled, swallowed, or injected, it can also cause death in humans. Frog dropping/ poop also contains Salmonella; thus, be cautious while handling it.

Do frogs carry HPV?

No, neither frogs nor any other animal carries HPV (human papillomavirus).

HPV is basically a viral infection that spreads with skin-to-skin contact.

More than 100 variants of this virus can spread with any type of physical contact between two humans.

However, no other living being than frogs carries or can get HPV.

How Can You Prevent Your Tree Frog from Peeing?

Preventing Frog, any other animal, or any living being from peeing is not quite possible.

However, few things can be done if your pet frog is not stopping peeing on your hand.

If you pet frogs often pee on your hand, then try to build a friendly bond with them.

They pee on you because they take you as a potential threat. Interact with them more and assure them you are their nurturer and not a threat.

Also, avoid touching/ holding them unnecessarily abruptly. For Example, don’t squeeze or bounce them out of fun.

How To Hold a Frog Properly?

Tips For Holding A Frog! Holding a frog is a kind of deal for both pets and humans.

Your touch can irritate a frog’s skin or, at times, can even end up catching some infections.

Thus, here are some tips for holding your Frog properly. Have a look:

  • Always wash your hand before touching Frog, though never use soap.
  • Avoid touching them with oil, lotion or any other chemically treated hands.
  • Always use powder-less/fibre fewer hand gloves. Make sure the gloves are cleaned every time before you handle your Frog.
  • Avoid kissing Frogs as no prince will appear. However, it may get an icky taste on your lips. Or if the Frog is anyway poisonous, it can lead to sudden death.


Frogs pee as a natural way of defending themselves from a potential threat.

Though despite knowing this simple fact, there are a lot of myths going around.

While Frog’s pee is not toxic, it is also not smithing you must touch or come in any kind of physical contact with.

If it happens accidentally, wash your hands immediately with soap and water.

If you end up with any irritation or inflammation, meet a skin specialist immediately.

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