What is Chytrid Fungus? (Detection, Diagnosis and Prevention)

What is Chytrid Fungus? What causes chytridiomycosis in frogs? The Catastrophic Amphibian Chytrid Fungus was discovered and named in the late 1990s. Since then, Chrytrid Fungus (Phylum Chytridiomycota) has wiped out dozens of amphibians species. They as the primary cause of amphibian population declines and extinctions in Latin, North America, and Australia. Are all Fungus … Read more

What amphibians can coexist? Can frogs live together?

Mixing amphibian species

A lot of exotic pet enthusiasts have a very common question; Can we Mix Species in Vivarium? can frogs live together? how about salamanders coexistence, can frogs, newts salamanders coexist? Which Amphibian species can live together in harmony without hurting or consuming each other? What amphibians can coexist? can we house multiple species together? and … Read more

What are amphibians? (Definition and examples)

what are amphibians?

Amphibian Life is here to share interesting facts and information about amphibians. But first, we need to understand what an amphibian actually is. Are we talking about frogs? Snakes? Reptiles? Fish? What are amphibians really? And what makes them different from other animals? What does the name amphibian mean? In this article, we define “amphibian”, … Read more

How Do Amphibians Take Care Of Their Young?

how amphibians care for their young

When it comes to taking care of younglings, all animals do it slightly differently. I didn’t know how amphibians did this and if there were any differences between the species. So I went online and to find more information about how amphibians take care of their young. Here’s all the information I could find. So, … Read more