why leopard gecko stares at you

Why does your Leopard Gecko stare at you?

Leopard Geckos are oddly cute pets who possess weird yet fascinating habits.

While almost all their behavioural traits have reasonings, some of them might still surprise you.

With that said, we are here talking about ‘Leopard Gecko’s Stare’.

While you walk inside the room or make any movement, your Leopard Gecko will begin staring at you.

However, did you ever wonder Why does your Leopard Gecko stares at you? Or What does Leopard Gecko’s staring behaviour mean?

Here are 5 Reasons why Gecko stares

  • Its just your pet Gecko is Curious.
  • Gecko is unwell so it may stare.
  • Pet Gecko is uncomfortable with something in the enclosure.
  • Your Gecko is expecting something of its liking.
  • Gecko is hungry and it’s time for food.
  • The Gecko is sensing some potential predatory threat around.
  • The Gecko is simply trying to gain owners attention.
  • Gecko is trying to catch something and aiming for it that looks like a stare.
  • Gekos have bulging and sharp eyes so, when they have nothing to do they stare.

A Brief Introduction about Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckoes are popular beginner pet lizards and one of the easiest to keep.

Even though they are native to semi-deserted Asian countries, pet lovers keep them all across the world.

Geckos are also referred to as the first domesticated species of lizard.

During the day, they will hide under sheltered spots, and while it’s dusk, they become active.

While Leopard Geckos are unusually docile in nature, their behaviour can shock and surprise the owners.

You will find them smiling throughout the day, along with making some of the other noises.

Another behavioural trait includes continuous Staring.

If you are a new Gecko Parent, their untimely and unusual Staring may end you curious with multiple questions.

Some of these questions we have tried reasoning here today. Have a look:

Reason Why Leopard Gecko keeps staring

Why does my leopard gecko stare at me?

Staring is one of the most common behaviours amongst Leopard Geckos.

These little lizards are always curious about their surroundings and extremely mindful of their predators.

Thus, as soon as they determine a movement, they will watch it closely (stare) and determine whether it poses a threat a not.

All lizards are used to stay attentive and thus they keep an eye on their surrounding while in the wild.

They do so in order to stay safe from their predators and alert for their prey.

Similarly, in captive/ as a pet, they observe every movement around them closely.

Staring in simple words is a part of survival instinct amongst Leopard Geckos.

However, while we go into details; there could be several possible reasons for your Gecko to Stare.

Geckos in the wild are familiar with their environment and with all the threats and safety that come with that.

But the ones kept as pets might possess changed behaviour than those in the wild.

Apart from the safety from their predators and alert for their prey,

pet Geckos can stare due to several reasons. Let’s have a quick look at them:

#1 Reason for leopard gecko staring

Gecko’s Staring is absolutely normal

Because Geckos can stare all day long, it is also classified as part of their behaviour.

At times while there is no prey or predator around, your Gecko can still stare at your endlessly.

Try moving around, and their eyes will follow you in every single direction.

It happens because Geckos are always a spectacle of its surrounding and every moving thing around them is subjective for them. 

Try observing, and your pet Gecko might also stare at your phone or TV simply because of the constant movement there.

You may assume if something is wrong; however, it is self-evident for them to do so. Once tired, they will eventually break their gaze.

Your pet Gecko can even stare at you for minutes, though it is natural, and there isn’t anything to worry about.

While new pet parents might get scared, this behaviour is absolutely endearing and cute.

With time, you too will accept it as normal Gecko behaviour.

Why Leopard Gecko stares

#2 Reason for leopard gecko staring

Your Leopard Gecko is simply curious.

Understand it like this- Everything that moves interests your Leopard Geckos.

It can be you, your fingers, eyes, an object around, something moving with air pressure, or so on.

Even if it is a leaf that came inside with air can birth your Gecko’s curiosity.

Their Overall attraction to movement makes them stare at things all day long, including their owners. Again, the fact is linked to the predatorial instinct of Geckos.

Anything that moves around, Geckos keep an eye on it. They simply want to know why that object is moving.

For example, try giving (feed) a dead insect and a live insect to your Gecko.

They will naturally hunt the moving insect rather than the dead one.

Though pet Geckos doesn’t mind eating dead food, their first instinct will always attract them to moving/ live food.

Despite geckos is one favourable pet, their basic nature will always remain wild.

Unlike plate feeding your cats and dogs, lizards like Gecko prefer hunting their prey.

Thus, instead of dead food, it is advisable to serve them live insects (preferably).

#3 Reason for leopard gecko staring

They Stare because they might feel Hungry.

Geckos in captive build connections with their keepers. Because you serve them every single day, they know you as a provider.

Hence at times, your Leopard Gecko is staring at you because they are possibly hungry.

They obviously can’t speak or ask for food in any other way; they might stare hours in the hope for food.

Also, if you have Gecko food or some treat in your hand, your pet Leo will stare at you in wait.

They may think about what you have in your hand or when will it reach them.

Your pet Leopard Geckos may also start asking you for some treat or goof food.

Especially the Geckos who have been living with you for a while and formed a bond; they are simply being a kid. 

#4 Reason for leopard gecko staring

Gecko Stare because they have extremely sharp eyes

Unlike humans and other pets, Leopard Geckos does not have much to do in their day-to-day life.

They are often sitting idle, and thus their eyes are always on duty.

Gecko eyes are also extremely sharp and one of the most functional organs in their body.

No matter day or night, it is always on alert.

Reasons Why Leopard Gecko stares at you?

What to do if my Leopard Gecko is continuously Staring?

If your pet Leopard Gecko is continuously staring at you, it can happen due to the above-mentioned reasons.

You can try serving them food or play with them a little bit.

However, if your Gecko is staring in some other direction, it may have spotted a prey or predator. Consider checking what your Gecko is staring at.

Lookout if there is a potential predator around like birds, small frogs, snakes, or other large reptiles.

If yes, as a caring and responsible owner, you need to make your pet Gecko feel comfortable and safe.

What if my Gecko never Stares?

Is it normal for a Leopard Gecko to not Stare?

Yes, your Leopard Gecko not staring is absolutely normal. While staring all day long is part of their behaviour, not staring too isn’t a matter of concern.

Regardless of being reptile-brained creatures, every other Gecko can have its mannerism and personality.

The behaviours that are common for one can be uncommon for others.

For example, one of your pet geckos can stare at you daily all day long.

While on the other hand, the second Gecko will never stare at you, and it is absolutely ok.

Hence, if your Gecko never Stares at you, do not worry.

Only make sure you are caring for them with absolute attentiveness, and they are happy and full.

Do Other Reptiles Stare? which ones?

Yes, several reptiles, especially lizard species, do stare. It isn’t because they are interested in you but mainly for security and food.

If your common house lizard is staring at you, it is because of you they can feel threatened.

Lizards take humans as predators, and thus, to keep themselves safe, they often stare at human movement. Same goes for pets like dogs and cats as well.

Do leopard geckos bond with their owners?

Leopard Gecko, though it doesn’t show emotions, still can bond with their owners.

From handling the pet to feeding and taking them outside the cage for enrichment activities, it all helps form a good bond.

However, because Geckos doesn’t bond with others from their tribe, we strongly discourage co-habiting them.

Until and unless it is done for breeding, avoid keeping two Leopard geckos in one tank/ cage.

Why is my Leopard Gecko rubbing/ licking its eye?

Apart from staring, you may often notice your Leopard gecko licking their own eyes.

It is because, unlike humans, Geckos cannot blink their eyes.

Gecko eyes also do not produce tears or any kind of moisture.

Thus, to maintain moisture, you can find your pet Leo often licking his/ her eye.

The behaviour is quite normal, and there is nothing to worry about it.

In summary

While your pet Leopard Gecko is staring at you, do not panic with effect.

There isn’t something worrisome. However, as a matter of concern, look around and check if a Gecko predator is nearby.

Leos can usually stare because if there is any potential predator around.

Make sure you make your pet comfortable and feel safe. 

Also, you can consider offering them some food, wondering they are feeling hungry.

Apart from that, as a pet parent, simply admire your staring Gecko.

You can also behave playfully and move around to arouse their curiosity.

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