leopard gecko with other lizards

Do you feel like your Leopard Gecko needs a lizard companion? If yes, then the question ‘Can Leopard Gecko live with other Lizards? might often confuse you. 

While you are a new pet parent, it is quite obvious that you will generate certain curiosities.

For example, often, the New Leopard Gecko parent wonder if their pet is happy and satisfied? Do Geckos feel alone? Should I bring other lizard companions for my pet Gecko?

And more. For sorting out all your confusion, we have compiled a whole lot of information down below.

By the end, most of your curiosity will cool down with fine answers on the list. Have a look?

Can Leopard Gecko live with other Lizards?

Leopard Geckos are solitary pet Lizards, and keeping them with other lizards is a very thoughtful discussion.

Despite the idea of introducing a new friend to your Gecko excites you, it can turn bad if you choose the wrong mate. 

Not all lizard species get along well, and when kept together, they can end up fighting.

Most of the reptiles do fine solo and don’t like a mate thriving in the same tank.

However, when we talk about Geckos, there are a few other animals that your pet Leo will love. 

For example, reptiles like Leopard Geckos easily live together with chelonians like tortoises and turtles. However, as a responsible owner, one has to properly create the setup in special tanks.

And on the other hand, despite being Geckos, both Leopard Gecko and crested geckos cannot live together. 

Which animals can be kept with leopard geckos?

While keeping Leopard Gecko with other lizards is extremely difficult, it is still not impossible.

Pet owners should first begin with constructing a terrarium that meets the needs of both species.

From temperature to humidity, light, sound, shade, and food habits, suitability can drastically change from one pet reptile to other.  

Also, reptiles, especially most lizard species, aren’t communal and like to live alone. While you are looking to house Leopard Geckos with other lizards, make sure you care enough about the dynamics. 

Lizards like bearded dragons, anoles, and Leopard geckos live successfully with turtles and tortoises.

Here we have a list of animals who can and cannot live together with Leopard Geckos.

Other Lizards and Geckos

Beginning with the common question: Can Leopard Gecko live with other Lizards? Yes, and why not? Lizards are friendly reptiles that are easy to pet and do not require much attention.

As long as they are receiving the right nutrition and temperature needs, they will survive. Similar is the case with Geckos. 

Both Leopard Geckos and lizards move around in search of warmth. You can see them both basking under the sunlight.

While keeping Geckos and Lizards together, make sure you take a bigger habitat and plan a hideout place for both separately.

Consider including small fake trees or caves where Gecko and lizard can live together yet separately safe. 

Can Leopard Gecko Live With Other Lizards
Two Leopard Geckos in Captivity

Male and Female Geckos Together

Housing male and female Geckos together in a single tank or cage is one of the doable jobs.

However, always keep one extra tank/cage ready if both male and female Geckos become territorial. 

Begin with introducing Leopard Geckos of the opposite gender in the same tank. They may not straight up be fighting and might get friendly.

However, there are chances that both males and females end up becoming aggressive.

In such a case, you can remove one Gecko and keep it in another tank. Try reintroducing them again after some time but do keep an eye. 

Male Geckos together

Keeping two male Geckos together is any day, a very bad idea. They certainly end up having a fight and injuring each other, sometimes even to death. 

Female Geckos together

Keeping two female geckos together is the safest combination to have. Make sure both of them have enough room to run and hide, and they will never end up fighting with each other.

Also, while keeping two females together, consider having them both of the same size.

If one Gecko is growing bigger than the other, it might end up being dominating. You then would have to keep them in separate tanks. 

Group of Geckos together.

Two or more male Geckos cannot live happily together. However, when you are nurturing a group, you can keep one male and multiple females together.

Neither will they fight for territory, nor will they end up snatching each other.

Though make sure you provide them with enough space to live together by having their personal space. 

Bearded dragon and Geckos

A bearded dragon is another calm, curious, and attention-seeking pet to own.

While you cannot keep Bearded dragons and Leopard Geckos together, planning two different cages is still a good idea. 

Bearded dragons belong to dry woodlands in Australia; however, Geckos are native to arid and semi-arid central Asia. 

While Geckos need humidity to survive, Bearded dragons need lots of bright light and high temperature.

For planning a new cage for your bearded dragon, make sure you add some good UVB bulbs with a high output.

Turtles with Geckos

Though Turtles and Leopard Gecko cannot live together in one tank, they can behave as good neighbors.

Pet owners who are sort of options for which lizards can live with Geckos can think of Turtles and tortoises.

However, as turtles cannot live for long without water, one needs an aquarium for them.

And for Geckos, you can keep a dry, warm, and humid tank/ cage nearby. 

Apart from the living environment, look for the dietary needs of both turtles and Leopard Geckos.

While turtles are more dependent upon an herbivorous diet, Geckos are hard-core carnivorous.

You can serve vegetables and fruits to your turtle and, on the other hand, insects to the Geckos. 

Also, make sure you set up one massive space so that your pet turtle can survive comfortably.

And since turtles eat and defecate in the habitant, adding a water filter to their tank is recommended. 

Iguana with Geckos

Similarly, like Leopard Geckos, Iguanas, too, aren’t much social. Though you cannot keep them together, it definitely doesn’t mean that not in the same house.

While you already own a Gecko and looking forward to introducing a pet Iguana as well, consider keeping them in separate rooms. 

When kept together, chances of Iguana eating up your Gecko are quite high.

It has been observed that Iguanas in the wild and, if served, will quickly eat up Leopard Geckos.

Thus, keeping that in mind, housing Iguana and Geckos in the same cage and even the same room is always a NO-NO.

However, you can keep them in separate rooms and provide a safe, danger-free environment. 

How to safely introduce your new pet to your Leopard gecko?

While you are introducing your new pet to your Leopard gecko is not easy to spark their friendship.

As Geckos love their own company, there are possibilities that they might not like another reptile in their cage.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot own two of them together. Here’s how you can own Leopard Gecko, lizards, and other reptiles safely together.  

  • Ensure space and separate territory

It is hard to keep Geckos and other animals together.

However, you can keep two females, or a male and female Gecko together. For that, make sure the tank is big enough.

Both your pets should feel safe and must have space they can claim as their territory. Also, always keep an eye and move one of them to another cage in case of fights. 

  • Avoid adding any alien species in one tank. 

Keeping two alien species together can end up with dominance conflicts. Also, different reptiles need different light, temperature, and habitat requirements.

While you can keep two female geckos together in one tank, consider having different cages for a gecko and bearded dragon. 

  • Ensure proper diet and health

Before adding a new reptile into your Gecko cage, quarantine it for a month at least.

Here it is important to ensure that the new reptile does not transmit any infection to your Gecko.

Hence once in a month, your new pet is healthy; you can introduce it to your Leopard Gecko.

Also, because now you have two Geckos together, ensure proper diet for both of them.

Keep a keen eye that both are eating equally and required.

You have to make sure that no one eats more or less in dominance.

Things to know before housing two or more Geckos together

  • Size of your pet Gecko

While you have two or more Geckos in the same habitat, make sure they all are of the same size.

It is important to limit the conflict and dominance between pets. Like humans, with size, geckos like bullying and dominating the smaller ones. 

  • Habitant size

Ensure there is enough space for each Gecko to walk around freely. Invest in a tank of 20 gallons or more.

  • Breeding

While you will keep a group of Geckos together, breeding will naturally occur. 

During the breeding season, remove the Gecko eggs more often and place them into a safer tank.

Both male and female Gecko can end up eating the newly laid eggs, thus ensuring safety foremost. 

Summing up

Can Leopard Gecko live with other Lizards? So, by going through the entire guide, we hope you have got your answer.

While we cannot deny keeping Geckos with other lizards and animals, we recommend you to follow certain safety guidelines.

Also, after housing two or more reptiles together, always have an eye over them.

Once you sense them developing fighting tendencies, remove and keep them in different tanks. 

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