what do frogs and toads eat

Frogs eat a wild variety of Natural food. While you pet a frog at home, it, fortunately, is not difficult to replicate their natural dietary needs.

Individuals, who pet frogs mostly come up with the question, what does a frog eat? Though frog diet is not complex, proper nutrition too can’t be ignored.  

What to Feed Your Frog?

Frogs being wild amphibians are mainly dependent upon both plants and meat. Because they are the widely known amphibians and are found in most of the continents, their diet can be diverse.

While you plan to bring home a frog as your pet, it is essential first to design a blueprint for all their needs.

Frogs are both carnivorous and predators; thus, make sure your pet frog is fed with both diets.

Though before feeding your Frog, make sure you are well versed with some specific questions.

When to feed your Frog? What to feed younger Frog? How much to feed your Frog? What to feed a grown-up frog?

do frogs eat insects
do frogs eat insects? do frogs eat beetle?

What do frogs eat? 

Frogs eat a wide array of things in natural settings. Their plant-based diet includes algae, small leaves, lettuce, broccoli, carrot, cucumber, etc. In contrast, their carnivorous diet includes anything from flies, fly larvae, mosquitoes, worms, and other invertebrates.

However, According to Dr. Emi Knafo, DVM, a clinical professor at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, not alone feeding but providing a close to the natural environment is also essential while you pet a frog.

Further, depending upon Frog’s age and region that they were rescued from, their diet too will change accordingly.

What do young frogs eat?

A young frog who is newly hatched feeds on the yoke of their won egg. Until they are a week old, you don’t really need to feed them with anything at all.

Newly hatched frogs do not have mouths and can barely move but they can survive on their own.

What do I feed to an adult frog?

Adult Frog needs a regular diet at frequent intervals. However, because they are nocturnal feeders, they will mostly eat during the night hours.

Frog Diet- Plant-based vegetarian options

  • Algae Wafers
  • Green Peas
  • Zucchini
  • Broccoli
  • Baby Spinach
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Banana
  • Variety of leafy vegetables
  • Beans

Frog Diet- Carnivorous options

  • Fish flakes
  • Aphids
  • Bloodworms
  • Crickets
  • Locust
  • Pellets
  • Mealworms
  • Broccoli
  • Fruit flies
  • Insect larvae
  • Red worms
  • Water striders

While feeding frogs with a carnivorous diet, make sure it is fresh, and here fresh means alive.

Frogs like to catch their own meal; thus, you can duplicate the experience for them.

If you have a frog tank, line it with some small plants and leave their diet over those plants.

Let the Frog find and eat whatever comes on their way.

All of their Carnivorous diets are readily available on the live reptile store. Or you can also raise your own crickets and other doable invertebrates.

Also, while petting a frog, always ensure you feed them calorie-dense food only in moderation.

Frogs require more protein and nutrients instead of carbs, sugar, and fats.

My Frog Won't Eat
Frog eating worms

How Much and How Often Do I Feed My Frog?

The frequency of feeding frogs depends mostly upon their age and species. Like younger frogs needs to be fed every single day.

Especially the ones who are under 15-16 weeks require a highly nutritious diet in order to grow healthier and stronger.

Though, adult frogs can go 2 to 3 days without eating. If you have an adult frog, you can feed them every alternative day, only a little portion at a time.

Several Herpetologists suggest that you must feed your adult frog 5 to 7 insects per week. However, serve them one at a time as overeating can make them sick.

Regardless that frogs cannot get obese, but the food more than required can trouble their digestive health.

Apart from age, “how much does a frog eats” also depends upon which species they are.

For example, dwarf frogs and American bullfrogs are incredibly energetic and thus require more food than usual.

If you own any of them, ensure you provide them with live food all the time. Whereas on the other hand, White’s tree frog can go a whole week without eating.

Does My Frog Need Vitamins or Supplements?

Yes, frogs require a good amount of nutrients, especially Vitamin A. Generally, frogs get protein, calcium, mineral, and vitamin from most of their Carnivorous diet.

However, because the pet frogs in captivity get limited nutrients than the ones in the wild, they might require supplements.

Frogs require a high amount of Vitamin A, but unfortunately, they cannot produce it on their own.

Hence feed them gut-loaded insects who must themselves have fed upon vitamin-rich food.

You can also dust your frog food with essential vitamins and minerals. Or opt for commercial gut-load food that includes a good proportion of supplements.

What About Accidental Ingestion?

Frogs can accidentally gulp few other things than their food. While you are petting a tree frog, make sure you keep the floor of their habitat absolutely clean.

Even with water frogs, ensure that there isn’t anything alien served while their feeding duration.

According to Knafo, Astroturf and felt make safe substrates, and thus frog owners must follow the same.

What Size Prey Should I Get for My Frog?

According to what Dr. Knafo suggests, frogs must not be fed with large food portions.

As per the general thumb rule, feed them smaller insects that size no more than the gap between their frog’s eyes.

Or feed plants that are smaller than the width of their head. Because frogs don’t chew but swallow/ gulp their food, anything big can adversely impact their intestines.

How should I feed my Frog?

Though frogs are natural predators and roam in the wild to search for food, serving them as pets can be slightly different.

Because a new pet frog can get stressed in an alien environment, try serving them within their enclosure.

Serve a small portion at a time and then repeat only once they are done with the last.

This way, you can notice if the Frog is unwell or whether the food item is causing them any reaction.

Also, if anything is left for long, consider removing it from their enclosure.

What Should I NEVER Feed My Frog?

Frogs are strictly dependent upon naturally available food. Therefore,

  • Avoid feeding them with anything artificial, commercial, and seasoned.
  • Avoid feeding your frog anything big (like bugs and insects). Always try to serve them the tiniest portions.
  • Avoid serving them crunchy vegetables like cumber, carrot, radish or fruits like apple. Instead, boil, slice or mash any such before serving.
  • Avoid serving raw cabbage, lettuce, or broccoli but lightly boil them before.
  • Avoid feeding frogs the fruits that are high in glucose.

Can Frogs eat meat?

Yes, frogs are strictly meat eaters, and their dietary needs largely depend upon crickets and other invertebrates.

However, that does not mean that they can eat red meat like chicken, goat, buffalo, pig, etc.

Strictly avoid serving your pet frog food like minced red meat or meat pieces. Any of this can imbalance their nutritional need and can develop the risk of food poisoning.

What Do Frogs Drink? Do Frogs drink water?

Yes, frogs do drink water, but the fun fact is “Frogs do not drink water with their mouth”. Right on their abdomen, frogs have a small patch that can absorb water.

Frogs generally do not drink but absorb water to fulfill their drinking requirements. This process is also called Osmosis or through the skin.

Do Frogs eat Fruits and vegetables? What fruits do frogs eat?

Yes, frogs can eat fruits and vegetables, but they may not be their most favorite.

Their eating habits begin from nibbling on moss, algae, and tiny plants found in or around the water tanks.

Frogs naturally do not hunt for fruits and vegetables; however, you can feed them to your pet frogs.

List of Fruits and Vegetables you can feed pet frogs:

  • Cabbage/ lettuce- Diced cabbage and lettuce into small pieces and leave them for boiling/ steaming/ blanching. Make sure their tough cellulose layers are destroyed. Now mash it and drop it into the frog tank.
  • Banana- Cut banana into the tiniest pieces or mash it before dropping it into the frog tank.
  • Peas- Lightly boil a few peas. Now let them cool, mash them slightly and drop them into the frog tank.
  • Cucumber- Peel all the cucumber. Now cut the tiniest slices out of it. Chop it into the smallest pieces and then drop it into the frog tank.
  • Carrot– Either boil/mash or puree carrots before feeding them to frogs. If the carrot is really hard, consider giving it a quick boil.
  • Apples- Peel and thinly slice an apple. Further, drop it into the frog tank.

Vegetarian Diet of frogs

Do frogs eat lettuce?

Yes, frogs do eat lettuce, and for pet frogs, it is a major part of their diet. Frogs get a high amount of nutrition from leafy vegetables that posse’s water inside them.

Options for the same include lettuce, cabbage, spinach, algae, etc. Make sure you break its celluloid layer in some ways before feeding lettuce.

Will frogs eat bananas?

Yes, frogs eat bananas. Finely cut/ mash banana and drop it into your frog tank. Similarly, like bananas, you can offer sweet potato as a treat to your frogs.

However, limit these options only to treats and avoid giving frogs an overdose of glucose.

Can frogs eat potatoes?

Yes, frogs can eat boiled or thinly sliced/ diced potatoes. Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, fiber, protein, and other nutrients.

Though because it is a carb and glucose-rich vegetable, limit potatoes only as treats, once a week.

Do frogs eat grass?

Frogs are not very picky about their food and are opportunistic hunters. They will feed on possibly anything that comes in their way. Frogs who live in the wild can eat grass occasionally.

If you are a frog owner, feed them the tiniest and softest leaves.

Monitor for a few days if they finish it and are showing no side effects. If yes, you can feed grass to frogs.

Can a frog eat rice?

Frogs basically will eat anything that will fit inside their mouth. Similar is with rice. Frogs love both raw and boiled rice and will happily eat them.

However, anything that is rich in carbohydrates and fats should be given to them in moderation.

Rice can make frogs way too fat and big, making it inconvenient for them to move.

Can frogs eat fish food?

Almost all species of frogs can eat fish food. Though if your pet frog has never survived in the wild, do an allergy test with them before feeding them fish food.

Usually, the African Dwarf Frogs can eat commercial fish food, small live fish, and other food verities.

Can frogs eat popcorn?

Anything that is not naturally found must not be fed to frogs. Popcorns, though are soft but can get stuck on the food pipe of frogs. Also, seasoned popcorns are a big no-no for frogs.

Do frogs eat cat food?

No frogs do not eat cat food and must not be fed on the same at any cost.

You might find your pet frog in your pet cat’s food bowl but feeding them the same is not advisable.

Some Recommeded food for Toads

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Non-Vegetarian Diet of frogs

What do frogs eat besides bugs?

Frogs feed mainly upon live prey and a non-vegetarian diet.

Besides bugs, they can eat Crickets, worms, flies, springtails, grasshoppers, moths, and spiders.

Some big frogs can even eat newborn mice, lizards, small fish, snakes, and others.

Do frogs eat fruit flies?

Fruit flies are one of the most common prey for pet frogs. Because it is readily available inside homes, you might encounter your Frog seeking one.

Do frogs eat snails and slugs?

Yes, frogs will eat anything they can prey on, and that comes on their way. Generally, giant frogs catch snails and slugs.

Do frogs eat mosquitoes?

Do frogs eat mosquitoes? Yes, frogs eat mosquitos; however, it is not a substantial part of their diet.

During monsoons, when mosquitoes, mosquito larvae, locusts, and other such insects increase in large number, frogs contribute in keeping a check on their population.

Can a frog eat a mouse?

Yes, frogs can eat mice; however, not all of them. Frog species like African bullfrogs, larger Green/Grey Tree frogs, and Pacman frogs can eat mice.

These larger frog species can even go on eating reptiles, birds, fish, smaller rodents, and other amphibians.

Can frogs eat poisonous spiders?

Most frogs eat creepy crawlies, including spiders as well. Though poisonous and venomous insects must not get introduced to their digestive system, but if ingested, it won’t harm either.

Can a frog eat a tarantula?

Big frogs can eat tarantulas though they usually refrain from doing so. Snakes, spider-eating birds, and lizards are some predators of tarantulas.

Do frogs eat spiders?

Anything that comes in their way, frogs can gulp it down. These generalist predators will surely eat a spider if it fits in their mouth.

Can frogs eat Daddy Long Legs?

Yes, Daddy’s long legs are one of the common foods for both tods and frogs. Because they are tiny and easily digestible, frogs would love feeding on them.

Do frogs eat potato bugs?

Yes, frogs will eat potato bugs and thousands of other fruit and vegetable bugs as well.

Can frogs eat dead crickets?

Frogs only eat live insects and would rarely feed upon dead insects. However, during food scarcity, wild frogs can also feed on dead cricket and other dead insects.

Do common frogs eat ants?+dead ants?

Yes, frogs eat almost any tiny and moving insect that comes on their way. They might not always prefer eating ants, but it isn’t an avoidable option as well.

Can Frog eat earthworms?

Earthworms are a nutritionally complete food and thus the best choice for amphibians, including frogs.

To ensure your pet frog is getting enough nutrition, make sure you feed them earthworms more frequently.

Why do frogs eat worms?

Frogs do not have teeth, and thus, they like to eat anything that can be swallowed.

From small worms to bloodworms and earthworms, all such are some great food options for them.

Do frogs eat water beetles? Do bullfrogs eat beetles?

Yes, frogs, especially the water frogs, prey water beetles. Though Regimbartia attenuates, one of the strongest water beetles has a high will to survive.

It can escape through the Frog’s digestive tract and can come out of its other end.

Crayfish, water beetles, snails make for 80% of the Frog’s diet in the wild. Beetles are one of the favorite foods for pet bullfrogs.

Do leopard frogs eat snails?

Northern leopard frogs can eat creepy crawlies, including snails, leeches, small insects, and spiders. They can also feed upon tiny frogs, tadpoles, fishes, birds, and even snakes.

Can frogs eat aphids?

Frogs are one of the prime predators of aphids. Along with Aphids, frogs feed upon ladybugs, lacewings, whitefly, and blackfly.

Do frogs eat other frogs? if Yes, Why

Yes, frogs can eat other frogs, including anything small that can be swallowed/ gulped. However, frogs won’t eat other frogs until and unless food is scarce for them.

What do toads eat and what do you not want to feed them

What do toads eat? What can I feed a toad?

Toads can eat almost everything that a frog eats. Their diet may include alae, moss, small plants, vegetables, fruits, insects, creepy crawlies, fish food, commercial tod food, etc.

What’s the difference between a toad and a frog?

Toads are the younger version of frogs. They have tiny legs, and they usually crawl to navigate here and there.

On the other hand, frogs have bigger legs, and to move, they would instead hop. Toads have dry and warty skin, whereas frogs and glossy and slippery skin.

All toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads.

They are both amphibians in the order Anura, which means “without a tail.

For Further Reading: What do Toads eat? The complete guide to toad food

What eats a frog in a food chain?

Grasshoppers feed on grass; frogs feed on grasshopper; snakes feed on frogs, and hawks feed on snakes completing the food chain.


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