how do frog eggs looks like

Did you ever wonder how frogs egg look in different situations? Then you came to the right place! In this article, I will try to show you what frog eggs look like in different situations so that you have an idea!

First, let’s begin with some regular information about frog eggs. What they consist of and where they are laid. This way you have a good understanding of it when we go further.

What Is a Frog Egg And What Is Inside it?

In the image below you see the first example of what frog eggs look like. As you can see there is a white mass around a black dot.

Toad eggs in the water with plants
Here you see frog eggs that are in the water

But what is in the center? These black dots are made up of cells that will eventually grow into a tadpole.

Now the jelly-like mass around the cells in the middle is also an interesting story.

The function of the jelly is to help the eggs stay moist so that they won’t dry out in the sun.

You can imagine that when the eggs are laid in a pond where the sun shines, that without a defense mechanism, the eggs would dry up in a matter of hours.

The jelly-like substance also offers some protection from predators.

Where Do Frogs Normally Lay Their Eggs?

Most of the time frogs lay their eggs in water. This is also to help the eggs to stay moist just as I said above.

There’s also another reason that frogs lay their eggs in water and that is because when they later hatch into tadpoles, the tadpoles feed themselves on the soft plants that are in the water and easy to eat.

Below you see a picture of frog eggs in the water. Notice that it is surrounded by plants so that the tadpoles can easily eat them.

Toad eggs in human hand
man holding frog eggs in hand

Now that is not the whole story… Some frogs do it quite differently.

There are frogs for example where when the female frog pop out the eggs, the male grasps those eggs with his hind feet and pushes them onto the back of the female frog.

On the back of the female frog is a sort of pouch where the eggs have optimal conditions to become tadpoles.

Frog egg in a pouch on the back of a female frog
Frog egg in a pouch on the back of a female frog

Now other frogs will breed only a couple of eggs and adhere them on their back instead of a few thousand as you can read it this article I wrote (here is the article about how many eggs frogs lay).

They do this because of “parental care” and can somewhat assure that the eggs are sage and make it through the hatching stage.

Below you’ll see more pictures of frogs with their eggs.

This Is What Frog Tadpoles Look Like

Frog eggs that are turning into tadpoles
Here you see frog eggs that are slowly turning into tadpoles

Sometimes you find fun cases of frogs that need a good environment for their eggs. In the picture below you see frogspawn that is laid on the filter of a swimming pool.

pool is the ideal environment because of its wet surface. Below you see a beautiful illustration of it.

Swimming pool filter with frog eggs on it
Frog eggs on a swimming pool filter
Frog eggs lying in at bottom of pond
Frog eggs lying in at bottom of pond ready to move in next stage

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