Before we proceed let me remind you that I am an avid amphibian lover, I don’t promote any ways to kill or exterminate frogs, toads, salamanders or any other amphibians.

The article is only about ways to avoid frogs and toads from your garden. Get Rid of Frogs gently as we can.

So, what is the purpose of writing this post? why would someone want to kill, repel or expel frogs from their house or garden.

Well, as the idiom says if the thing is good it will have some negative also so is with pet amphibians.

Why have frogs? Why Frogs Are Important

Is it good to have frogs in your yard?

Toads and frogs are both beneficial and harmful to the garden, but what does it mean when you have a lot of frogs in your yard? your backyard garden gets infested with a particular species that disrupt the ecosystem.

The short answer is, They are natural pest and insect terminators, and an integral part of the food chain.

A single frog can prey on dozens of insects and hundred’s of mosquitoes every night.

Their poop or droppings when segregated properly can act as an excellent fertilizer.

just like (vermicompost from earthworms and red worms is considered black gold.

Why not have frogs?

Is it bad to have frogs in your yard?

Frogs and toads attracts poisonous creatures likes snakes higher in food web that prey on them in your home and garden.

Amphibian and reptiles poop, droppings and feces contains harmful bacteria’s and pathogens (like salmonella) that cause diseases in humans.

Some frogs and salamanders are poisonous, and have harmful secretions on their skin, touching or making contact can make you sick or even die in some cases.

Frogs and amphibians sometimes can breed uncontrollably hence, deplete our food resources and transmit diseases.

So, now you understood the reason for writing all this jargon, without further wasting time, let’s dive in and find out ways to get rid of frogs and toads? and humane ways to expel toads?

8 Genuine Effective Ways To Keep Frogs Away

1. Avoid creating water ponds, pools, or any other water ecosystem in your backyard or garden,

frogs love to keep their skin moist and they breathe through it, keeping this dry will automatically debar them coming in.

2. Remove old scrap (like kitchen sinks, pots) that provides sheds and ambient hiding places.

3. Remove woodpiles, hedge bases, compost heaps, and under the gravel that provides good shades in which Frogs, toads, and newts reside.

4. if you have a pool, clean it every few weeks as frogs love to lay eggs in unattended water areas.

5. Keep garden and backyard lights off during night time helps to prevent insects and their predators like frogs and toads.

6. Frogs don’t like some sounds frequencies using them with a speaker is a good idea to keep them away.

7. Breeding fish in your backyard or pool may help as they eat tadpoles and frog eggs hence an unhealthy ecosystem.

8. Avoid water stagnation, dense plants, grasses and lily in you garden ponds these are all favoring places for frogs to breed.

What is a natural way to repel frogs? Homemade Frog Repellents.

Here we are discussing about easy Natural Remedies Against Frogs that only prevents then in homes and backyards.

Spreading Salt. Does Salt keep frogs away?

Spreading salt near your home entrances and around your water resource (pool or pond) deters frogs.

Salt creates an unpleasant sensation in their skin and feet and also dehydrates this skin so they avoid such places.

Note: Make sure not to sprinkle it on frogs, tadpoles, eggs and the plants otherwise it will kill them.

Spreading coffee grounds

just like common salt, coffee grounds causes discomfort in their legs and skin ultimately prevents them to gather around.

Note: However coffee is a good fertilizer it is also acidic in nature thus, sprinkling too much may destroy plants roots.

Using Vinegar, lemon (lime juice) or citric acid.

We have a simple DIY (do it yourself) Recipe that you can prepare with ingredients available at home.

Simply mix equal portions of vinegar (or lime juice) with tap water and spray around frogs gathering areas.

This mixture will cause a burn feeling on the frog’s feet hence discouraging them from returning back.

Identify what insect is attracting frogs?

Frogs eat a variety of insects from mosquitoes to some small pests, by visual inspection, you can identify the food source and eliminate it.

Some more methods to keep frogs away.

Using peppermint oil. Will peppermint oil keep frogs away?

First, Get peppermint essential oil from a local store or nearby pharmacy whatever is convenient.

Add 50 ml of water to it and spray it directly spray over the frogs that will deter them from coming back to the same area.

Using Snake Repellent

Get a commercial snake repellent from your local supply store. Snake repellents contain similar ingredient as mothballs (either naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene). The bad smell repels most amphibians and reptiles.

Using baking soda to repel frogs. Does baking soda kill frogs?

Yes, baking soda (sodium bicarbonate to be specific) is usually available in all grocery stores.

It is effective in killing frog eggs and tadpoles on contact, you can treat these places and kill any hiding frogs.

Using moth balls. Do mothballs kill frogs?

Mothballs also known as (naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene) are effective in repelling frogs and toads, they are used a lot in homes to keep away insects that damage clothes and also to deter pets from toiles.

Note: Using them in this way is not legal and may do more harm to animals, humans, and the environment rather than frogs and toads.

Using detergent to keep frogs away. Does dish soap kill frogs?

Cleaning agents like dish washing liquid or detergent soaps is usually not that toxic to frogs!

Their composition is not favourable for frogs skin and feet its prevents them from swimming and breathing properly and higher concentrations can even kill them.

but it is a good way to get rid of frogs in the toilet or get rid of frogs in the pool.

For further reading.

I hope you liked about keeping frogs away from you garden, and the humane ways you can opt to do it.

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